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Silicone Vaginal Chinese Smart Kegel Balls Sex Toys


Silicone Geisha Balls Sex Shop Skittle Vaginal Chinese Balls Smart Kegel Ball Vagina Tighten Exercise Machine Toys For Women

We will free send the extra storage bag as a gift and write 'toys' or 'massager' and pack product with non-transparent bag to protect privacy.

Diameter and weight of balls: small ball(35mm, 38g), medium ball(28mm, 55g), large ball(30mm, 65g). Please visit my store if you want other types of kegel balls or electric vibrating balls.


1. In order to insert the kegel balls wasily, please apply a water-based lubrication on the ball or in you vaginal 2. Lean on the sofa, open you legs, relax your vaginal and push in the ball slowly. 3. After putting it in, you can do some exercises, like walking doing housework and so on. The metal ball will collide with the inner surface while you can moving. 4. Clean it before and after use with anti-bacterial soap or disinfecting lotion, Then let it dry naturally in the air


These balls are manufactured in the purest tradition of the Geishas balls, They mass, stimulate and excite. Their soft or intense vibrations and their surfaces exert an intimate massage of quality. Geisha Lastic Balls will train your vaginal muscle and pelvic floor, and sublimate your sexual relations.


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